Free Open Access to Medical Education.

The amount of reliable and mostly free content available online has changed the game of learning. As my peers and I continue to traverse this lifelong educational journey together, I have tried to curate a list of resources I have found useful (so please excuse the critical care bias) and maybe others will also find value in bookmarking.

Disclaimer: this is not an all-inclusive list, but I am always open to expand this list so if you have any suggestions, shoot me an email at or DM on Twitter @udaygulati.

  • @InspiraMeded
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  • #MedTwitter
    • Subscribe to this curated feed and list of accounts worth following on Twitter.
  • #MedTweetorials
    • A place to go to find collections of #MedEd #Tweetorials (aka MedTweetorials).
  • IHN Twitter Fam thread
    • (private message thread) A good number of our residents participate, we share interesting tweets & attempt to diagnose tough ECGs and more. DM me to join.
I’ve included the links to subscribe on the Apple (A) and Google (G) Podcasts apps, Spotify links can be found on the podcast website or Spotify app. Some podcasts upload useful show notes on their website.
  • ACP Videos: the Critical Care series is free, get the full series from your chiefs
  • Louisville Lectures: popular medical lecture series, especially for board review
  • Virtual Morning Report amazing product of the COVID quarantine by the CPSolvers team
  • CriticalCareNow: ‘CritBits’ that break down complex critical care topics
  • Jason Bartock: critical care lectures by Cooper’s Critical Care Fellowship PD
  • OnlineMedEd: popular resource amongst 3rd and 4th year medical students
I’ve included the links to download on the Apple (A) and Google (G) app stores.
  • ACP Guidelines: evidence-based clinical recommendations & algorithms from ACP (G/A)
  • CPSolvers: quick access to all their wonderful schemas & illness scripts, free online (G/A)
  • Ddxof: quick access to 150+ diagnostic and management schemas and algorithms (G/A)
  • Epocrates: bedside tool for drug information, interactions, etc. (G/A)
  • Human Dx: test yourself with peer-reviewed cases across various IM specialties (G/A)
  • iCU notes: compact critical care reference guide (G/A)
  • MedScape: must have, not much else to say, subscription provided by GME (G/A)
  • MS Excel: personally use it to access & update Webdocs throughout the day (G/A)
  • MS OneNote: my preference for personal notes and bedside ‘chalk & talks’ (G/A)
  • MKSAP: the app is great for doing questions and flashcards during downtime (G/A)
  • QuickEM: was a great reference before seeing patients to improve my H&Ps (G/A)
  • Twitter: see above, the value is in having notifications on. (G/A)
  • UpToDate: must have, not much else to say, subscription provided by GME (G/A)

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